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thumperjsa 01-28-2019 04:56 PM

Adding images to the forum with OneDrive
I've been playing a bit trying to get my OneDrive pics to show up as an image in the forum. Especially with Photobucket gone.

OneDrive allows you to get an embed option of your pictures. This may work for other services too. I haven't checked Dropbox yet. Here are the steps for OneDrive:
1) Select your picture you want to use
2) Click on embed at the top (or right-click on the picture and choose embed
3) A partial window will open with a Generate button. Click this button
4) Make sure to choose a size from the dropdown (should be 1024*768 or smaller to avoid stretching the forum too wide)
5) Copy the embed URL
6) Choose Insert Image from the forum tools
7) Paste the URL you copied in it
8) Check in the preview that your image is sized properly. If it isn't, go back to the embed URL and change the image size

Hope this is helpful.

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