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Originally Posted by andrewraffaele View Post
- - - The crank case breather (part #22 in the linked diagram) is spitting oil all over my left ankle when ever I jump on the freeway. - - -
Hi Andy,
hook a hose to that breather spigot and lead the leakage down onto the road.
If that was good enough for my old Norton it's OK for a Yammie.
That said, a little mist is to be expected but the bike should not puke oil. Over filling is a prime cause of oil puking.
Did you remove ALL the old oil before putting the new oil in? As has been posted, removing the oil filter cover casting under the crankcase only lets out a pint or so of oil. To get the rest there's a forward-facing drain plug just behind the filter casting that has to be removed. What do you see in the little round window the Yamageniuses gave us instead of a dipstick? A proper fill should put the oil level half-way up the window.
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