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Originally Posted by MaximPhil View Post
... I'm following Brian this year as he is never lost...
You must be joking Phil. I think we do excellent at helping each other get lost ...and I have great memories of being happily lost in the mountains more than once ,or as you would say, being in a greater circle of uncertainty

Yes, rising costs are everywhere. I am going, whether or not I can afford to, because I don't work my ass off all year to sit at home and miss this kind of life experience and seeing good people. I would rather pay a little more and be at a clean well run place, than the same price every year for a run down s*** hole.

Keeping up the place is bound to cost them. I saw the reports about the improvements and was glad to see they are sinking some money and effort into the place so it will survive so we can return.

I have only been two years, and the organized rides were not done since I've been going. (Been on one at XS East). I thought the approach was excellent - a few individuals stepped up to lead rides and described the route and style they were leading (fast or easy going, long, medium or short, lunch stops, routes...) so you could choose what suits you, or form a group and do something else. Some people went alone. I was worried about being with a group that goes too fast and / or not on the roads I wanted to be on - so it was perfect for me.

Greg, hope you reconsider and we see you there having fun with the rest of the XS-sives.

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