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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
i was thinking since there will be that little void space under the rear of the tank i was wondering what it might look like to mount the starter button and kill switch to that panel, and it will look like the starter button and kill switch are mounted to the tank itself, and make people wonder "how the hell did he do that?" Any ideas.
Hi Nightengale,
don't install anything there that'll stick out to rip the rider's nuts off in a collision.
Sub-surface pushbuttons or flush slider switches should work good and look neat.
If you are bitched for space under there, small microswitches that work relays mounted someplace with more room would work.
BTW, I understand that some States have strict laws about where a killswitch should be placed.
As this build is designed to attract attention the local law is liable to be all over it looking for the least infringement.
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