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OK, I'm NOT an XJ expert, but I do know a little about the common problems. Let me start at the top of you post, and answer what I can. I'll let the XJ experts chime in on the rest....
Anyway she still has the 1st gear slipping issue, from what I understand is that this isn't detrimental to the transmission since this thing has always shifted like an old Russian tractor but has always shifted fine with no problems changing between gears It always jumps out of 1st at 3000 rpm without fail.
The XJ lost 1st gear, same problems as the second gear fix on the XS1100's. Check the repair section for the second gear fix, and apply that to BOTH 1st and second gears. You do NOT have to split the cases, or remove the engine to do the repair! It will probably take up to three day's the first time around, but if you can find some help from a local member, it can get done in one day.
The Brake indicator I replaced the fluid and pads and I think I need more fluid because the brakes stop fine. Also the goofy battery water level warning since I don't have that silly sensor in the battery.
Check the XJ specific threads in the modification section. There are fixes and how to bypass for ALL these problems that will take you less than a day to do.
Now I did put mobil 1 10w30 in the engine is this okay? Will it effect the clutch?
Mobil one CAN be ok, as long as you look at the bottle, and there is NO WRITING on the bottom half of the circle with the SE,SF in the center. 10-30 IS too light a weight for summer riding, as the engine will get noisy, and it my shift a little harder with it. 20-50 Castrol is what a lot of people use, as well as the Wallmart brand 20-50, or most others. Number ONE thing is NO WRITING on the bottom half of the circle with the SE,SF in the center.
Does anyone know of a good affordable tire I could get from JC Whitney?
I would NOT buy a tire from them. A good, cheap tire can be had from, and go with the Shinko touring tires. I don't know if the XJ runs the 16" or 17" on the rear. The 16" is an easy tire to find, just make SURE it's for a rear tire, and it's rated for at least 800lbs. a higher load rating is better.
Welcome, and I hope this helps!
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