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Originally Posted by mwsxj1100j View Post
...The dash is showing the taillight, I think it is due to the LED brake wen light bulbs I got from super bright leds. The Brake indicator I replaced the fluid and pads and I think I need more fluid because the brakes stop fine. Also the goofy battery water level warning since
I don't have that silly sensor in the battery...
The XJ has a considerably different wiring system/harness compared to the XS models. While a few parts are the same, some parts and/or circuits are at best similar and there's enough differences that what works on a XS won't on a XJ. DO NOT try to troubleshoot the wiring using a XS diagram or diagnostic method; you NEED the XJ service manual for this.

The fix for the 'Batt' light is here...

The 'Tail' indicator is caused by your LED lamp. The easy fix here is just reinstalling a conventional lamp; I'm not aware of a 'fix' that will allow a LED lamp to be used without the light coming on or possibly damaging the LCD display control unit.

The 'Brake' light can probably be addressed. This is simply a low fluid indicator warning light using a couple of float switches, one in each master. If proper fluid level won't turn off the light, one or both of the float switches are bad, possibly crudded up, or have poor connections. Try flushing out the reservoirs/switches and checking continuity through the switches. These are not replaceable as they're long discontinued. Disconnect the wires coming out of the master cylinder(s), if that clears the light you're done. If not, try grounding the wires coming TO the switches. I'll also note that the XJ uses this same idea for oil level, a float switch in the oil pan. The oil light DOES NOT indicate oil pressure.
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