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Wow, MAXisreallyMAD

I guess I am in the middle on this one. I agree we should try and keep our machines as close to what they were intended as much as possible because they are disappearing in numbers daily. But on the other hand, one has a right to do what he (or she) wishes with their private property.

Now someone that is taking a basket case XS11 that can never again be what it once was and uses the parts to make it into a running and functioning machine, well I feel that is way better than just letting another XS go by the wayside. But taking a perfectly good, unmolested XS11 and cutting it up....well that is a bit much.

So here is the way I handle it....I just do not offer any comments or help to someone that is transforming their machine into something radical nor do I offer any real encouragement or kudos on their build, no matter how fine it is produced.
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