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Originally Posted by Wildkat View Post
"Motorcyclists welcome here
Regardless of what you ride"
It's amazing how many members forget this phrase posted on the entry page...

This is a debate that comes up to some degree on almost any site dedicated to marques or types of vehicles and is usually entirely subjective with the poster. With that said, I personally would never encourage anyone to hack one of these into a café, hardtail or bobber as, in my opinion, these bikes just don't lend themselves to that styling... but one mans mess is another's thing of beauty.

One problem with these bikes is they don't get the 'respect' that their contemporaries have (and that's yet another debate) due to their generally low prices in used/abused condition; it's pretty easy to hack up a $200-500 bike while one worth a grand or so would give most people pause. Add the fact that as a group, many XS owners are notorious cheapskates (keeping prices down), and the low values make these too attractive to the lo-buck hackers...

Lastly, one reason this site has maintained it's success over the years is it has welcomed all comers, not just the 'restorers'. While it's not easy to modify one of these into a bobber or café (I can't think of any bike I'd convert to a hardtail unless you're a masochist), it can be done as several very nice examples have turned up here.
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