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Originally Posted by BA80 View Post
So, now you have it narrowed to 2 carbs. That fuel has to be going to the cylinders, the air box, or the earth.
Greg, the manifold boots and intake valve tract were clean when I had the carbs off but that really doesn't mean jack after running the engine anyway. The airbox and intake boots looked clean when I had the carbs off but I'll check them again. I'd have to send some oil to Blackstone for a UOA to see if the oil is contaminated with fuel.

I'll pull the air filter and check the airbox boots again but I think <cringe> that the leak is slow enough that there's not enough fuel in the line and filter for the fuel to make it all the way from the carb to the airbox or the cylinder(s) before it evaporates.

I have not yet tried leaving the fuel taps set to Prime to see if I can empty the tank into the cylinders or all over the floor. Some other time, perhaps.
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