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Originally Posted by unicorncomputer View Post
Did you find out what the problem is/was. I am having similar issue with my number 1 carb. I will find gas on the bottom half of the carb, replaced the bowl drain washer, will do the bowl gasket next.
If that doesn't fix it, check the float bowl itself for cracks. I had a set of carbs with one leaky float bowl that had a hairline crack. It looked like someone used a 300lb 1" drive impact gun to put the drain screw back in the float bowl and for some reason it cracked the bowl around the drain.

I believe the starting and fuel loss problems are fixed for now. The fuel filters were both full of fuel, no air bubble, and Columbo just fired up on the first hit and idled smoothly (for certain values of 'smooth') at ~450/500 RPM when I let go of the enrichener.

I need to fix the '80G carbs or put on a handlebar lever so I can use the XJ carbs without messing with the enrichener by hand. Right now I have the enrichener bar reversed so the XJ's little cable fitting is on the left side of the carbs so I can just grab it and hold it out while the engine starts but it's kind of annoying to stand there and hold it while the engine warms up.
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