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We don't get no respect!

Hey Grinder,

What's wrong with the world is that people don't respect people anymore!

Another word that could be learned is "tact".

BTW, Mr. Bob Jones passed away this year. Many of us respect his devotion and admiration for our beloved machines. He did some interesting mods to many of these bikes, and some of them IMHO were not that impressive in their styling, but that's a matter of personal taste. But did I try to write to him and tell him that I thought they were UGLY mods, no...out of respect!

The XS's and XJ's are built to American average height standards of the 1980's, and that's about 5'8" IIRC. I'm 6'6" and 225lbs, and my bike looks like a minibike when I sit on it! I like sitting UPRIGHT, not hunched over the gastank, and so I like the way the bars sweep back to reach me without having to have my arms stiffarmed straight. I made some mods to mine so that I could stretch out my legs, feet position for cruising and long distance riding, but I kept the OEM pegs and controls because I like the security and feel of my feet directly beneath my butt when I'm negotiating the twisties.

These machines are durable, but any machine if abused will wear out or break down. They are not 20K rpm sport bike engines, they redline at 8500 but with their age, valve springs, etc., it's suggested that folks don't take them past 7500 too often. Due to their age and the shaft drive design, you can't put a very wide tire on the rear without some major modding...see chain drive conversion. They were only made for about 4-5 years, the XS11's and 1 year for the XJ11, no where near as long at the GOLDWING ie, and so aftermarket parts are quite rare. The XJ's ignition system is also more advanced than the XS's, but more of a pain to repair or replace if it fails.

So...unless you're a great mechainic, fabricator, painter, etc., then you will have very limited success in trying to beautify your ugly XJ11 without laying out a fair more amount of $$.

Hope you find what you're looking for, but I also hope you learn to show a little more respect to whatever bike/forum you end up relying on to help you with your bike.
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