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Originally Posted by IanDMacDonald View Post
I'm a huge fan of OEM exhaust because of how quiet it is (HUGE fan of Goldwing exhaust). There really are no benefits to putting pods on carbs versus stock airbox. And, some say it makes carb removal easier, but I say "how often do you need to remove your carbs?
I agree 100%. Raucous pipes do no good for people's ears or the bike and the OEM airbox looks, IMHO, far nicer than pods which, to my eye, look a bit Heath Robinson-esque. Also, I've often wondered..what happens when it rains?

Re carb removal. I read a tip on here and , since then, have never had problem getting carbs on or off. Just loosen, without completely undoing, the top mounting clamp bolts, slide the airbox hard backwards off the frame and it will then drop further, allowing the carbs to be pulled off easily.

It would be a bit tenuous to justify the fitting of pods by the fact that they make carb removal you say, it's hardly something one does a lot on a running, well-tuned bike.
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