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Pretty sure he made it clear that 'decision made' on the pods, and he didnt want a fight about them, and he made no mention of ease of removal.

Hi Hak. Theres lots of good low cost options around for rear shocks. From memory I paid around $100 NZ for black shocks and springs, and they worked perfectly well. MDM was the brand but they may not be available under that name in the states. I'm sure others will chime in with acceptable alternatives.
As for front springs, i replaced mine with progressives and 1" spacers. Some love 'em, some hate 'em, but unless you're into riding at a million miles an hour on the sides of your tyres, there's nothing wrong with them. That said, measure your spring sag before you go down the road of replacing them. All too often a change of oil, and oil weight is enough to solve front end problems. Tkat's brace is well engineered piece of kit, and well worth the money, but be aware that it will definitely change the handling and feel. I rode mine for 10 years before fitting a brace, and found the change almost uncomfortable, to the point where I took it off again. I didnt feel like learning to ride it again at my age, and was comfortable dealing with the flex the way it was.
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