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What kind of suspension mods you need depends upon how you ride the bike. For putzing around town I'm not so sure the fork brace is warranted. The cheapest decent shocks are at least $300. $300 to $500 gets you a performance improvement without spending far more than the entire machine is worth. Your only other option is take-offs. Some bikes come equipped with garbage, some get quite a bit better.

Your forks are equipped with ancient technology. They work, but not very well compared to many modern motorcycles. You can transform the front suspension for about $300 and bring the bike to another level. Stout straight rate springs will cost about $125 and cartridge emulators, another $150. The heavy spring won't work with the damper rods because you can't move fluid through them fast enough. If you do this there will be more load placed upon the forks under certain circumstances. The fork brace becomes more of a necessity and I think TKAT is the way to go.
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