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Hey there Hak,

Okay, I'll be the voice of the cheap bastard that many of us "ARE"!
The OEM shocks only had compression damping, not rebound damping. I clearly remember my new 81SH after I first got it broken in and was able to get into the engine's full performance, and was very surprised with the bucking bronco type ride I got from the acceleration causing the rear wheel being pushed downward and the rear of the frame being pushed upwards because the shocks didn't control/slow the expansion process!

I then rebuilt my bike in 1999 and was doing it on a tight budget and found the Partsnmore shocks, a pair for ~$ 69.00 or so, put them on and experienced an immediate improvement....mostly because the new shocks had both compression and expansion dampening! I ride mostly 1 up, only weigh 220lbs, but also have saddlebags/trunk bag, and angle iron frame for it all on the back. They still work just fine some 10 years later. I also have a TKAT FB but I have 4" longer front upper tubes......most folks lower their bikes, I raised mine being 6'6" tall...Bonz has me beat by 2" but I digress!
The FB did help to stabilize the front end quite a bit, but I still have the OEM fork springs....just measured them during a recent fluid change and they are still in spec length. I have 4.5" spacers...4" for the extra fork length, and an additional 0.5" for some additional preload/antidive/sag adjustment. The 81SH has air assisted adjustments, but can be difficult to set evenly, so I preferred to not bother with the air. I put in Dexron III type ATF fluid for fork oil, designed for ATFs, durable, non-foaming, detergent, and similar in weight to 10w fork oil, and cheaper.

Okay, now for the comparisons between a couple of different purchase and

On site; Universal components for XS1100


Shock Absorber Set/2

#06-3647 $90.00 + S&H

Shock Absorber Set/2 Black body, Chrome Spring & End Cap 325mm (12 3/4") Eye to Eye 4 Position Spring Preload Adjustment Progressive Wound Heavy Duty Springs Comes With Bushings, Inserts, Washers & Spring Preload Wrench Universal Fit - Please be sure to measure your current shocks, and determine what style you need.
This site has a wider selection of shocks:

Same above shock on PNM(06-3647) on are labelled Monza Sport, but are only listed as being replacement for XS650's for only $75.00. This makes me think that the springs going to be a little lighter/not as stiff if they are only listed for use on just the 650's.

However, this shock below is listed as just Monza Shock Absorber; but is described as fitting a bunch of other bikes including the XS11 as well as other brands of larger displacement machines, it's the same Eye to Eye size as the one above. However, they seem to be just using the Eye to Eye measurement as the criteria for it being able to be used on the other models, both smaller and larger than the XS650, but they don't say anything about it's PERFORMANCE specs aside from the same as the previous shock....dual progressive rate springs and adjustable preloads!? But they are MORE EXPENSIVE, which again makes me believe that they are made with either heavier springs or stronger dampening, otherwise they are the same shape/design as the cheaper 3641.

Monza Shock Absorber Set 12 3/4" (325mm) eye to eye 1974-84 +

Part #06-3607 $92.50 USD Set

Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Traditional) standard size for 1974-84 XS650 TX650's - Dual Progressive
wound Chrome Springs & Long Black top shroud with black shock body.
12 3/4" (324mm.) eye to eye., Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers.

Can be used as replacement on: Yamaha RD400 1976-79, XS400 1977-81, SR500 1978-81, XS750 1977-78, XS850 1980-81, XS1100 1979-81, XV700 1984-86, XJ750 1981-83, XJ900 1983, XJ1100 1982, XV1100 1984-86, RD250 1978-79
Finally, you mentioned ALL BLACK shocks..the above ones have black bodies and spring caps, but chrome springs. Mikes has this one, it's a little longer in length in 335mm vs. 325mm, but has black springs.

Shock Absorber Set -13 3/16" (335mm) Monza Sport all Black

Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Sport) for 1974-84 XS/TX650's -Dual Progressive
wound Black Springs with Black shock body. No top cap or shroud.
13 3/16" (335mm.) eye to eye., Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers. This look has proven to be very popular! Great look for chopper and bobber custom projects. Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda.
Part #06-3643 $80.00 USD Set/2
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