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Originally Posted by sholmesxs11 View Post
guess I will be pounding sand......its a shame......I do all my own work, switch head and internals/lap the valves/ clean the carbs/synch the carbs (help from Tarzan- Rick with his carb tuner)/new master cylinder/replace front rotors/modify rear fender/CUT back end off/redo banana seat to solo seat/ Finally have it purring like a kitten, only to be told I am not welcome here........

unlike previous owner who didn't take care of SH*T.......broken exhaust bolt in header/locked up front brakes/warped rotors/he decided to drill out the hole in the master cylinder/bolts rusted on for 30+ years/ cob webs and feathers around my spark plugs but he is worthy of your help

Yup you struck the nerve....I may go pound sand but at least I am not crying and whining like a b&*%%* peace be with you
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