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No ignition at all

Hi everyone, it has been awhile since I attended the forum. Hope everyone is well.

My 79SF has sat for a year and I am disappointed in myself for letting it get in such shabby condition. We had a hard winter down here in New Orleans and it spent the winter under the carport with a cover over it. When I took the cover off I was really saddened at the condition I let my pretty machine get to. Even had a small nest of rodents camping out on top of the engine under the carbs.

I did a cursory check of the wire harness and do not see any evidence of wires being chewed by my tenants over the winter.

Anyway, I get absolutely no spark from either coil. The fuse is good and since I am not much of an electrical guy I hesitate to just start fooling around with stuff without seeing if anyone has any suggestions where I should start.
Thanks in advance for your input

Mike Giroir
79 XS-1100 Special

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