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Mike, are you running stock coils?
If so, try spraying water on the plug wires and then do a test with the VOM between the two wires, cap to cap, and between the caps and ground. You should have an open between the caps and ground, very high resistance. If you can measure resistance, you have a problem with the insulation and coils are in your near future.
If that checks out good you should next clean ALL ground connectors, including the battery to frame and frame to engine grounds. I put a small amount of anti seize on the cleaned connectors AND the cleaned bolt to keep it from corroding.
Next would be bypass the kill switch to verify that is not the problem. You should be able to find the connector closes to the switch and loop it back to itself on the bike side. This will disable the switch so the key will turn it on and off.
Let us know how things are going as you get the time to work on it!
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