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Originally Posted by TADracer View Post
Hi everyone, it has been awhile since I attended the forum. Hope everyone is well.

My 79SF has sat for a year and I am disappointed in myself for letting it get in such shabby condition. We had a hard winter down here in New Orleans and it spent the winter under the carport with a cover over it. When I took the cover off I was really saddened at the condition I let my pretty machine get to. Even had a small nest of rodents camping out on top of the engine under the carbs.

I did a cursory check of the wire harness and do not see any evidence of wires being chewed by my tenants over the winter.

Anyway, I get absolutely no spark from either coil. The fuse is good and since I am not much of an electrical guy I hesitate to just start fooling around with stuff without seeing if anyone has any suggestions where I should start.
Thanks in advance for your input

Under a cover stored outdoors and add in the humidity......I suggest removing the Stop/Run switch, take covers off it and drop the whole thing in a shot glass full Evapo-Rust for a few hours. Remove, rinse with water, blow dry with air hose and ALL those copper components WILL look like new....even the switch and covers if you drop then all in there too. BTW, the STOP/RUN switch COMPLTES the running circuit, and if cruddy contacts inside, bike won't start....period without complete operating circuit giving voltage to those coils.
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