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Well I have checked everything and still no joy. I checked all connections, coils, pick up coils, fuses, the works with the exception of the ignition unit which I do not know how to test. I put in the new ignition switch I already had on hand and I am getting 12 volts constant up to the coils and also to the ignition unit and since the motor kicks over I know I'm getting 12 volts to the starter solenoid. The ballast resistor has been jumped several years ago because I have 3 ohm dynatek coils, which I removed, cleaned and bench check and they still ohm out. Does anyone have any idea if the ignition unit can be checked? Or if not, does anyone have a known good unit for a 79 SF?

FYI I was planning on selling my machine over the winter because I am approaching 70 years old and I just can't keep after it anymore. But I wanted to get some riding in during this summer and fall Before I Let It Go. Whatever I decide to do I will be sure to make it available to members of this forum before I would sell it to anyone else.
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