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Oil leak

By the by, I asked the tech at JB Weld what the temperature range of JB Weld was, and he said that at about 230 deg F, it started to get soft. Since your patch wouldn't be under any pressure, the softening might not be an issue. The head at that position would be around that temperature, especially on a hot day and hard run. Oil is cooling it, and exhaust port is heating it. Interesting proposition.
Some may know the XS650 sump screen filter always tears right where the oil pump draws. I fix these with JB Weld. During a rally I had a dip stick oil temp gauge and the day was hot, noticed my oil was getting up around 275F stopped the bike and let it cool but after a few miles temp was right back up there again. Once home I checked the repair and all was fine. Changed the oil right a way.
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