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Originally Posted by Radioguylogs View Post
With Jeff, do we really know which bike it is?

I hope it's the latest addition.

3 E's but not too difficult to tell which is which - PO's made sure of that

Yes, latest addition is E in front. That is the bike in the Jack Daniels Pic (above) in Winchester Tennessee two days ago.

E in front is BWI the Baltimore bike scoped out by Duwayne (THANKS Duwayne)
E in middle is GRR the Grand Rapids bike scoped out by Werdna80 (THANKS Werdna80)
E in back in SDF the Louisville pos junk bike I got in 2012 (Old_Skool find) (Marty rode up with me and helped get it unstuck since wheels were frozen into the ground)

Ridden BWI about 1,300 miles so far. 700 around home before the maintenance and 500 miles on the Tennessee trip.
Ridden SDF about 20,000 miles so far. Key West twice, 1,000 Islands Canada Rally, Colorado Rally and a bunch of trips to TWO Suches and Iron Horse. Plus its my local errands and shopping machine. 20K driven so now its tired and needs maintenance.

fwiw, all three bikes have some motor oil & some air in those big black round things

The collective XSive info & support is what gets these things on the road as safe LD runners.
Without that, many of these bikes would be in the junkyard.

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78' XS1100 E
78' XS1100 E

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