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Replacement Tank Trim

Hi folks,

On this and other XS sites I've read threads asking about what to use to replacement the original metal edge trim used on fuel tanks such as the XS1100E and XS1100LG Midnight Special models. After much research and trial & error I've found an acceptable, low cost replacement. Attached are pix of the replacement black tank molding on one of my XS1100s. This replacement trim is a U-shaped trim used as edge molding on car doors. It comes with an adhesive bead already applied in the bottom of the "U". You clean with tank edge with alcohol wipes that come with the trim, cut it to length, center it, and apply it. I found that this trim is slightly larger (5/16" high vs 1/4" high) than the original metal trim, but only by 1/16". One side of the trim is slightly shorter than the other, so this is the side I used facing outward to best replicate the original. I applied it on a XS1100E that has finished restoration and it looks great! It sticks well and should be a good alternative to a NOS replacement IF you can find one (I couldn't and I looked for months world-wide). I also bought metallic gold colored which will go on my XS1100LG MS that is being repainted now. Once you determined the correct length (from original trim or ad pix from Yamaha), cut it to length, marked the center line with a wedge of painters tape, and start applying it at the center of the tank trim just behind the triple fork. This resulted in an even application because once you shove it on, you'll have a hard time removing it. Here are pix of replacement and original black and gold trims:

Original black trim on 78 XS1100E:

Replacement black trim:

Original gold trim on XS1100LG:

Replacement gold trim:

You can buy this in the US on eBay under the heading of "Edge Trim Car Truck SUV Door Edge Guards Gloss Black" and "Gold Car Door Edge Guard Trim". There are a variety of sellers, but these guys had decent prices and I didn't have to wait for questionable stuff from China (voice of experience here). 8' or more is enough length for (2) bikes, either color, and can be had for $10-$15. It appears to be fairly high quality, sticks like crazy, and solves the problem of how to trim your tank when the NOS isn't available any more. I'm satisfied and I'm picky.

If you have any questions, please PM me.

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