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Saturday July 6th

I should be rolling across Alabama by now heading for Mississippi on towards Clovis NM and Durango. But that ain't happening

Plans changed and grandkids will be in Atlanta for a couple of weeks. Sure don't want to miss that.

So have FUN at the Rally and be sure to post some updates along the way. Especially the LD Riders coming in.
Be nice to see some reports each day from Rally Central at the campground.

Oh , back in February I had booked Travelodge in Durango from July 11 to 15th. Had a pleasant stay there after last years Gunnison Rally before I headed to Los Alamos. But when checking my Reservation and Conf # last month I found that the Travelodge has been CLOSED. As in shut down. No notifications at all. Just closed. Pretty bad when they up and closed the place to Keep me Out. So moon the place for me when you ride by (between Quality & Days Inn)

I have my Durango Rally ride plan all set so for grins maybe if time allows I will run it later in the year.
Was looking forward to Huevos Rancheros again at Los Hermanitos Del Oeste in Farmington during the rally trip west.

Sure going to miss seeing everyone ………………….
Have FUN and ride safe

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