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Well, plus your time, which when it's a hobby, we figure was free.

When it's a business, it starts to add up pretty quick...

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
this is not something that i am going to jump into right away, right now i am still learning and want to keep on doing so. right now this is a way to earn extra money and also do something i love. this is evening and weekend stuff. i will do this like i started my tile business, part time until i have so much work that there is no more time for anything else. and i had that business for almost 10yrs, until the housing market did what it did. and the only way to get to that point (just like any business) is that you have to have a quality product at a fair price. thats why i am trying to do this so that anyone can have a custom bike and not spend an arm and a leg doing so. i have a friend of mine that has a custom bobber that he paid almost $30,000 for and when ever we go riding i have more comments and questions about my bike than he does about his and i only have about $1000 tied up in mine total.

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