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Originally Posted by jwhughes3 View Post
A used car dealer (Toyota of Hollywood, FL) I worked as a mechanic for when I was 18 (that tells you something about used car dealers right there) did not really allow us to actually spend money fixing the cars they bought wholesale. Good for learning how to actually rebuild components though.

We got a VW microbus once leaking oil, pressure washed engine after pulling it out (labor was already paid for). Block was SPIDERWEBBED with cracks and oil oozing everywhere.

$1.98 for blue Marine-Tex and sealed each crack. Dried and rubbed grease and dirt back onto the engine, back in full of oil NO MORE LEAKS.

They wholesaled it to another dealer.

Which proves the old adage, "There is no honor amongst thieves".

On the other hand, it is good that you got some schooling in the den, it might keep you from falling prey somewhere down the road.
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