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Craigslist is a good lesson in amateur chopping and customizing. It is full of failed projects and ruined bikes.

I don't think the geometry of an XS11 lends itself to chopping and bobbing. That said, I have seen some really nice bikes on here that someone with a vision, skills, and tools has made into a nice bike. It does seem that a lot of guys never get past the Sawzall stage.

But I also don't think that the list must ignore those foolish enough to undertake such an endeavor. Like anything else on the internet, if you don't like it, don't click on it. I ignore the chain drive threads because I think that is pointless, but anyone else should feel free to chime in. And since market forces affect the list like everything else in life; if a guy has a stupid idea and stupid questions that no one cares about, he will shrivel and die of neglect, as God intended.
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