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If you scroll up Bonz you can see a picture of all the carbon, none of the valves could close fully because of the carbon. It was thick and everywhere. The last picture is after hours of cleaning. Also in one of the pictures there's a definitive chunk out of one of the seats. Just click on it and it gets bigger for better viewing, I know its small in the page. It and the matching valve both have damage.

3Phase, I did check eBay and those exact posts prior to making this post, but the heads either don't have clear enough picture or the valves look worse than mine prior to pulling to I don't want to go near them. If mine was bad and theirs looks worse, what do the valve seats look like? (I'm a bad gambler.) Is the head really beyond machining in your opinion?
Also, I thought specials and standard 80's engines were non compatible? They do pop up occasionally locally.

I know Andreas is great parts dealer but if I'd really like to avoid buying another head that is probably in almost the same boat. However if the XS11 guru's say I can't just 3 angle cut it to fix, then I'll bite the bullet.

What I'd like to do is use this as an excuse to BB kit it, throw in new valves, new bearings, check the gears, new valve seals, polish the head and exhaust port (myself), but then I start to feel like that kid in a candy shop.
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