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Hey Acan,

Did you try taking a simple spare wire jumper, attach one end to the blue/white wire at the starter solenoid, and then touch the other to GROUND? Like Steve said, if that works, then the actual switch is messed up. Take same jumper wire, connect to the wire at the starter button and contact to ground, again IF starter engages, then there's corrosion that's preventing the wire from completing it's circuit to GROUND thru the handlebars some how...corrosion on the button metal contact, the spring, the housing the spring is in, the place where the housing clamps onto the bars. Test the EASY stuff first, the TCI would not prevent it from engaging the starter motor.

There's a tip over switch under the gastank, they have been known to go flaky, just unplugging it fromn the harness will bypass it as well.

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