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Originally Posted by Gmac View Post
But Seafoam is what I put in all my small engine and stored 5 gal fuel tanks for winter storage and just GP. Beats the snot out of having that stale gas issue and I consider it seven bucks well spent.

All of my saws, the outboard and lawn tools fire right up on demand, that alone is worth the price of admission.

I always buy non-ethanol gas as well. There are several locations around me that have it available year around.
Also, the small engine(mowers, chain saws, etc.) carry the leaded fuels by the quart and gallon. Also they carry the already pre-mixed leaded fuel for the two-stroke motors. Stihl brand comes to mind, but there are others also. I use the Stihl brand pre-mixed in my Stihl weed wacker. The leaded fuel can also be left in tank and fuel system over the winter months with no addatives and not have starting/running issues come spring time.
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