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Took a sporty 225 mile ride today.
North Georgia mountains

Mike, Scott & I met this AM in Alpharetta to ride a some curves. Had FUN
As usual in these mountains, little to no traffic.

Hurt Bridge, Old Federal, Yellow Creek,Cove Rd, Burnt Mountain, Rackley Rd, Roy Rd; stuff like that. Ended up at TWoS in Suches for lunch (and to let the tires and motor oil to cool off a bit).

Then the XSSE Wolf Pen the Diabolical 180, 129, Richard Russell then a bunch of back roads home.

Parked at Two Wheels

as Marty says, good BBQ there

Mike ready for more riding

Scott ready to roll too

Luckily pleasant temps in the mountains to. Bikes ran great. Mike got 44mpg again. A few T-bumpers built up from Clermont to home which blocked the sun and cooled things off a bit.

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