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Originally Posted by Tropic-al View Post
Together with the above mentioned rack and backrest, and for the same reason, I am also selling this seat. It is in excellent shape. Does not have the moulding that go on either side. Metal base is perfect and seat cover only has a little cut in the underside where the side mouldings go. The back cowling is not perfect on the inside but with washers, the bolts hold perfectly. You will see some metal brackets that I made to make it ride higher since it seemed to touch the plastic side covers. Never liked the fit but that could be my personal take on it. I will include the 6 or 8 rubber pads that came with it. Feel free to ask any questions about it. I would like to get $75 plus shipping.
Pictures will be posted by Bikerphil as soon as he has a chance. Please check back for those.
IIRC, the original seat base had an extra set of holes at rear of seat base in order to re-locate and insert the rubber pad which raised rear portion of seat and doesn't interfere with sidecovers.
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