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For sure! To be clear, the “old” tire had 7,560 miles, handling was still as good as it was when new, and had 1,000-1,500 miles left but gonna do 1,200 or so riding out to the rally, doing the rides and then home again. One of the claims Dunlop makes, and I found it to be accurate, is the RS3 doesn’t drop off in handling as it wears down. The old one still felt as good as the new one I put on. It’s a great tire.

What was interesting is the original RS3 when they first came out, started with 6.2mm of tread depth, was down to 3.2mm but the wear bar was 1mm from showing. The new RS3 has 8.2mm tread depth to begin with which is a huge difference. Dunlop claims it wil go significantly more miles than the other sport touring tires, and maybe they weren’t getting the mileage in the real world, so added some more tread to get there. Definitely more tread depth compared to other new tires I have run on the rear of that bike.

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