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Originally Posted by BA80 View Post
Made it to Denver about 5. There was a detour on 285 that added about an hour and coming over that last pass into Denver the sky opened up and Okie and I got soaked. Neither one of us like that at all. 35 - 40 mph and Okie's pods got soaked and he didn't want to run for crap.

I was looking at DEN area radar about that time to see what y'all were dealing with weather wise. Saw those pesky gremlin rains firing up along the entire front range.
No fun riding in rain when fully loaded like that. Glad Okie kept running good enough to maneuver the Denver area traffic. A few sputters aren't good when all the cars are WOT.
Guess you are at your sisters for a few days. That's a good thing. enjoy

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