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Old 03-11-2019, 09:30 PM
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Main Jet Dirt, Slipping Clutch, and a Gas Leak. What a Weekend!

1979 XS1100F has been running pretty well, but it was stumbling as it accelerated from 2K to 5K RPM. Ignition is good, the little wires on the advance are good, starts easy, and runs strong above 5K. But it was just not smooth or making power like they're supposed to do.

Back to basics; checked the float heights and there ranged between 21mm to 29.3 mm, but the book calls for 25.7 +/- 1.0mm. So I set those, and turned to the jets, because I never drifted the main jets out of the center of the carbs.

I placed carb #1 upside down on a clean cutting board and tapped out the main jet. As I lifted the carb body I could not believe my eyes. There, next to the jet was a pile of dirt. Not just a little dirt, but a measurable quantity. I set #1 and the jet aside, scraped the dirt into a bowl and started in on #2. Same result...another pile of Georgia red dirt. Same results on #3 and #4.

All in all, I retrieved approx. 4 cc's of dirt (about 3/4 of a teaspoon!) It's a wonder the damn thing ran at all.

So I put it all back together, hit the starter, and BAM...she revs like a banshee. This is just how my old '81 sounded!

I took her out and got a few neck snapping runs in when, of course, the 40-year old clutch started slipping. Dialed it down a bit and got it home and ordered some new parts.

Feeling pretty good about things, I wandered out to the garage after dinner to admire the ride, and what did I find? Only a pool of gasoline under the bike! Yikes!!

Fuel cutoffs "On"...check. Fuel lines connected...check. So where's the gas coming from?

Pulled the tank and (surprise), two of the the fuel sending unit bolts were only finger tight. I had never checked those. And that was an almost full tank that might have leaked out!

So lets review: Carbs are clean, she's running like a top, clutch worn out, and the sudden fuel leak is suddenly solved.

Can't wait for next weekend.
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carbs, clutch, fuel leak

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