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Old 05-17-2015, 04:58 PM
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Smile 1982 XJ 1100 questions

I finally got my Maxim running, Yeah, I killed the octopus, although I don't know if the petcocks are messed up but it is running on the prime setting. The vacuum line for the octopus is going from the intake horn on the head carburetor 2 she runs pretty decent. Anyway she still has the 1st gear slipping issue, from what I understand is that this isn't detrimental to the transmission since this thing has always shifted like an old Russian tractor but has always shifted fine with no problems changing between gears It always jumps out of 1st at 3000 rpm without fail. I read this is an issue from one of my favorite magazines Classic Motorcycle Mechanics which is getting harder to find. But I understand that this is not uncommon and not detrimental? I don't have the $$ to split the cases. I promised her I would fix her after I got in an accident where I almost lost the lower half of my left leg. She is running, still showing bondo on the tank but the engine runs so smoothly although these Milwaukee roads can bounce you around. The dash is showing the taillight, I think it is due to the LED brake wen light bulbs I got from super bright leds. The Brake indicator I replaced the fluid and pads and I think I need more fluid because the brakes stop fine. Also the goofy battery water level warning since
I don't have that silly sensor in the battery. Now I did put mobil 1 10w30 in the engine is this okay? Will it effect the clutch? Does anyone know of a good affordable tire I could get from JC Whitney? I think this should cover my issues, if not I will post again thanks to all those who have helped with my issues. Bye
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maxim, octopus, oil, questions, tires

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