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Old 09-06-2016, 03:04 PM
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Driftless Area Ride and Rever

So I've done rides up in the Driftless Area (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driftless_Area) for a long time, including a few Triples rallies (been a while though!). I did a long ride this weekend with the girlfriend (her first, she didn't fall off!) on the XS11. Thought I'd share...

So if you've never ridden the Driftless and get a chance, do it! It's fantastic. Due to the dairy industry in Wisconsin, most all roads are paved (they want to get the milk trucks into all the little farms). That said, especially when connecting between valleys, there will be some gravel! It varies from hard pack, to gnarly steep balls of death.

But it's worth it! You will be rewarded with endless twisties, and majestic scenery!

I also began using this year, after getting USB charger on my XS11 rolling, Rever. It's great. I hope these are readable.

Friday, first leg from Madison to camp. This takes us up out of the plains that Madison sits on, across the Wisconsin River on one of the few public free ferries still operating. If you're on a bike, you can always sneak between the cars. Then up through the bluffs to begin entering the Driftless, through Devil's Lake State Park:

Saturday morning, ride from camp to cabin. This takes us deep into the true heart of the Driftless. There was more gravel pucker-up here than I'd normally sign up for. I don't mind too much; I've done my share. But the g/f said it was making her motion sick, the drifting side to side (don't fight it!):

Saturday afternoon, cabin back to a B&B. This takes us down through Wildcat Mountain State Park, a legendary ride. Also many bridges over the Kickapoo river:

Sunday morning, home. Here I went south over the river, then east through the southernmost reach of the Driftless, finally emptying into the basin that Madison sits on.

79 XS1100SF
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