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Old 06-07-2014, 10:56 PM
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Hey guys!

I've been on here for a bit some of you may remember my controversial purchase thread of a minty fresh xs1100 special lol

I ended up buying 2 xs11's, the special and a half torn apart standard with a venture tank, which was going to be my project build. Once I got the special out I realized these bike's don't really need a whole lot of 'hak'ing to make them awesome.

I decided to sell the standard I got and just do some simple (and completely reversible!) mod's to my special just to personalize it and make it more fun to ride.

So here's where I'm at! I got some clubman bars, grips, bar end mirrors, new front master cylinder (the O.E. one was sticking and I wanted to get rid of that ugly fluid reservoir..) Got a headlight cowl, seat cover and some different lights coming, and now I'm on to the good stuff...

The bike has some aftermarket slip-on's on it, they're alright so I'm just gonna leave em, but the carb's are all kinds of messed up.. It's about a 50/50 shot I'm gonna be able to take the bike out without it dying on me at some point in the trip... Pulling over and letting it simmer down and playing with the petcocks seems to get it to run.. so I ordered some petcock rebuild kits just to make sure that's all good, I'm ordering some pod filters from mikesXS (I did my homework on these and just want the look/sound of them so please nobody fight me on it lol) and I got plans with a local bike shop to get the carb's all cleaned and rebuilt. As much as it pains me to have someone else do work on any of my vehicle's I just am not interested in learning about carb's in the slightest bit and know that I'll never be able to set them as well as a pro..

Here's my questions for you guys! The suspension is clearly tired, I want to get a fork brace for the front, is the TKAT still available and is it the best way to go? Seems to be the common accepted best option lol I put an email into their website. I would like to replace the rear shocks/springs with some black unit's and see lots of options out there, but also don't really want to drop $400+ on them! So what's a good route to take, and would I get good improvement replacing just the shocks and keeping the OEM springs? Also, is it really worth while (major improvement) to replace the front springs?? Don't really feel like taking all that apart to rebuild if I don't have to.

Thanks for your input in advance, so far I'm really pleased with my purchase and now fully understand why you guys love these bikes so much! Happy riding
81 XS11 Special
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