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Old 04-28-2013, 09:42 PM
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not at all

Originally Posted by Yard Dogg View Post
The fuel site tube is cool. I think you should run it with the curve, but curve it the other way. You don't need to worry when it's full, but when it gets low, it would function better than if it were straight, and you would have a better look. I was thinking you could attach some type of aluminum fins to them that would look like a sprocket and keep the shape of the curve too, or maybe run them through a piece of aluminum tubing with holes cut in it, and there are the anodized hose fittings that you could use to dress up the fittings too.

I'd put some chrome cap nuts on the battery box, or you could look into decorative seat nuts to give a little extra detail. Those wing nuts look a touch too raw. I like the sprocket, even if you can't see it, it's the small details everywhere that you see when you are not looking that sets it apart. Headlights look better to me mounted lower than higher, if that helps. The bike is looking cool.

I hope I don't sound too opinionated, I'm just feeling your project and trying to contribute.
no the reason i posted this here was to get feedback on what i was doing since everyone has different tastes and opinions and everyone looks at things a little different. all of this helps me to be a better builder, and see what people like and dont like.
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