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Old 06-30-2019, 02:09 PM
geneborg geneborg is offline
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Yamaha motorcycles, engines and parts

I have an assortment/collection of Yamaha XS1100 motorcycles, engines and misl. I need to sell. Listed below and please contact me for prices and discussion of interest. I have pictures that can be sent if seriously interested.

1) 1980 XS1100LG Midnight Special w/ title. It is in excellent shape but for a phantom spark issue.
2) 1981 XS1100LG w/ a 1979 XS1100 engine w/ no title. The original engine was frozen. I have had it running.
1979 XS1100SF parts bike w/ no title. I have had it running and is restore-able with effort.
3) 1979 XS1100F engine complete. It was purchased for item #2 and I have seen it running on Utube.
4) 1981 XS1100 engine. (see item #2). It is disassembled but many parts usable.
5) XS1100 exhaust pipe collection and two sets of shocks.
6) XS1100 four wire harnesses.
7) XS1100 electrical misl.
8) XS1100 front and rear tire. Front fender and drive shaft.
9) XS1100 carbs, air boxes and tool sets.
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