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TADracer 12-29-2021 08:07 AM

Hello again !!!
Hello again everyone !

Just got an e-mail message from the site saying Happy Birthday. Yes another year has come and gone. I do not think I've logged into the forum in maybe 5 years so I thought I would log in and say hello to everyone, new members and old.

I still have my beautiful 79SF (it is the second from the right in the picture at top of the page) and do ride often though I admit in my maturity (meaning 73 years of age) I do ride a bit slower and with a bit more caution. Still, my machine satisfiers my need for speed and freedom and has been updated quite a bit from the pic. above with modern computer readout replacing the analog gauges, modern headlight, Jett Hott coated 4-1 header, optical triggered ignition with four ignition curves and a nice, tasteful paint job that looks like flames burning the paint off of a carbon fiber tank and front fender. all of this is in addition to the other things i have done over the years.

I look forward to getting caught up with the members and news in the XS11 forums.

Thanks again

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