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Aaron 10-01-2011 02:43 PM

No Fire in Two or Three
Hey guys. Not getting any fire in cylinders two or three. I visually checked the wires at the pickup coil, which told me nothing. So i checked the resistance at the plug on the ignition box. I got zero resistance jumping both yellows and both whites while moving the advance, so the pickup coil wiring is solid. Next i checked for resistance across the plug wires for two and three, then one and four. two and three read 35k ohms, one and four read infinity. I thought i was supposed to get about 15k ohms if the coils were good? And a reading of infinity would seem to indicate the coil for one and four is bad, but those are the only cylinders getting spark? Am i confused on what my readings really indicate? I did do the plug wire replacement on the coils, but it ran fine after that for a few hundred miles. Then I let the bike sit for 3 months or so. Y'all think its the ignition coil or the box?

natemoen 10-01-2011 03:18 PM

Seems like you might be doing some things incorrectly.

For the pickup coils I do not remember for sure but your wire colors mentioned do not sound right. The wires to test are going to be the wires on the 4 pin connector, top 2 are one coil and the bottom are the other. You should get a reading of roughly 720 ohms.

For the ignition coils you should be getting around 15k ohms through the spark plug wires with the spark plug caps off. If you have 5k ohm caps like stock then add 10k if the caps are on for the test. Also on the ignition coils you need to check the small wire going into the coils on the back side. Check resistance there as well. If you have 1.5 ohm coils that is what your reading ahould be on those wires, is you have 3 ohm coils then that is what your reading should be.

Aaron 10-01-2011 08:23 PM

Shoulda known it all along.
After quite a bit of fiddling and poking with the multimeter, it just turned out to be crummy connections and a short. Anyone surprised? Goes like a house on fire now.

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