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No Fire in Two or Three

Hey guys. Not getting any fire in cylinders two or three. I visually checked the wires at the pickup coil, which told me nothing. So i checked the resistance at the plug on the ignition box. I got zero resistance jumping both yellows and both whites while moving the advance, so the pickup coil wiring is solid. Next i checked for resistance across the plug wires for two and three, then one and four. two and three read 35k ohms, one and four read infinity. I thought i was supposed to get about 15k ohms if the coils were good? And a reading of infinity would seem to indicate the coil for one and four is bad, but those are the only cylinders getting spark? Am i confused on what my readings really indicate? I did do the plug wire replacement on the coils, but it ran fine after that for a few hundred miles. Then I let the bike sit for 3 months or so. Y'all think its the ignition coil or the box?
1980 XS1100 SG Stock
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