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Time to let 'er go...

Just posted my '80 G on craigslist a few moments ago. Had her for a couple of years but don't have the time, money, or space to finish her properly. I'm upset with myself I never finished. Thought I'd post it up here if anyone's interested.

$1000 isn't firm. Bought the bike a couple of years ago for $400. Didn't run, no electrical, etc. Between the cost of the bike, parts bike, and parts, I'm in around $1500, not including time. I know that doesn't mean anything when selling something, what you have into it and all, but that's where the $1000 asking price comes in.

3phase helped me a lot, as did some posts and tutorials on this forum, so I thank you all for that. It's been real. If you're interested, email me at or call/text at (434) 238-0209. Thanks, guys.
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