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Thanks for the replies fellas

I knew I would catch a lot of guys on heres attention without the front brake! haha. Thats really going to be the last thing I get around to. My daily doesnt have front brakes either. I know it's not as safe and what not and I will eventually get around to putting something up front but for now I'm more concerned with getting it going down the road again. Also I look forward to researching this harley brake mod since I have some of those laying around already. I have tons of parts laying around so I should be able to make something work no problem.

As for the exhaust, that will be the first thing I do once I get it moving under its own power again. I spent the time to bead blast and ceramic coat the 4-1 I have now and was really upset when the studs were too short. It's like a supertrap setup if any of you are familiar. Speaking of which, I'm a Harley mechanic so if I make references to stuff with different names or whatever sorry in advance. Anyway my exhaust has a stack of baffles that are removable at the end so tuning once I get those studs swapped is going to be an awesome difference.

The splines on the other end of the shaft are all good too. I was hoping to find the issue by now but no luck. It get scarier every partI take off and don't find the problem haha. What is the zerk fitting youre talking about Topcat?

I will be upgrading the filter pods to k&n(at least that was the plan) after I put the new exhaust on. Those came with the bike so I have no idea what brand they even are.

As far as the front end goes, talk about confusing me when I first started building this thing. Frame says special, fork lowers appear to be standard and I'm not sure about the tubes. Someone at some point obviously changed them out but I dont really know. I rebuilt the forks and they are in good working order now. A little pitting but nothing too bad in the travel area.

I tried to get on here before I started tearing into it but I couldn't wait any longer. If you saw the before pics of the bike and the work I got done in a couple months I'm pretty sure you'd understand how close this is to being done. I'm ready to get it back on the road.

Thanks again guys and now that I have a couple days off hopefully I can post some good news.

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