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Originally Posted by Mashermoto View Post
I will say though that even with all 12 discs in place it is much quiter than I thought it would be...which is what I wanted. It has just enough of a mellow growl to please me, but it doesn't make my head rattle going down the road.

However, if you want loud, you can take all the discs off and run it open
Less discs= quieter, richer mixture, more back pressure
More discs= louder, leaner mixture, less back pressure

One time I was running 10 discs in mine (single 4-1 Supertrapp) and all was good for the type of roads in my area. When I reached the twisty roads in NC, I found that I needed more low end grunt. I ran 5 discs increasing back pressure, which gave the bike better low end. You'll find out later that adding and removing discs will change your plug color. Supertrapp, A+ for tunability.

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