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Originally Posted by GALLAECUS View Post
I guess it "wasnt" written in japanese, sorry, my bad, must have been the rum and cokes talking. the original jets were 110's across the board so I put them back in.

I wanted to replace the pilot screw but they look fine and I didnt want to unseat the washer, spring, etc,

initially I cleaned the carbs and put them back, 3 out of 4 idled just fine but the bike stalled with any twist of the throttle. the only difference this time is that I drilled out the passage in the float bowl. (the passage that draws from the bottom of the bowl) its not clogged now!!!
Georgefix's kits are listed for a SG, but the furnished jetting is for a G. Those came stock with 110/120/120/110 jets.

You really should pull the idle (pilot) screws to clean them... mine had crud in there...

Drilling the float bowls is a bad thing; there's a small restrictor jet down that hole in the bowl which you probably removed. It may be hopelessly rich on 'choke' now, you may be in the market for another set of bowls...
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