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Have to sell my bike due to home repair issues

Need to sell my XJ1100, have some plumbing repair issues that I won't have the money for otherwise that I need to get taken care of before they get worse. I need to sell the bike as that is the only way I can come up with the money. I have about $1200 into her so far, but would take $1000.

1982 XJ1100 with 1979 XS1100(2H7 engine)
Motorcycle runs, idles fast, but probably just needs idle screw adjusted. It has leather/artificial leather saddle bags. The tank is maroon with some dings in it and I have black side covers for it. I replaced the rubber boots between tank and carb. Replaced the missing left rearview mirror so it has both now. I have an ACCT and a gasket that should be arriving shortly along with new plugs that I will put in. It does need new tires. It does have a title, which I paid to have transferred, but have waited two months so far to get the new one in my name.

The bike is in Minnesota, just southwest of Minneapolis about 20 miles. If interested, please let me know. I would like to sell to a member here rather than list on Craigslist.
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