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Originally Posted by pbaker27 View Post
It was running, then I replaced the CCT with an ACCT following all instructions and swapped out plugs after gapping them correctly. Now it won't start at all. It turns over, but will not start. I just thought of something, I need to make sure I didn't pull an ID 10 T error and run it out of fuel. /forehead smack
Well, just in case that isn't the problem, did you reverse the plug wires when you swapped out plugs? Is the off-on-off switch on the right handle bar in the on position?
Have you taken a plug out and, leaving it connected and laying on the head, hit the start button, and looked to see if you are getting a fat blue spark?
Usually, when we go in to do something, another thing in the way, or associated with what we were doing, gets jiggled, disconnected, or somehow affects the outcome, so the best thing we can do is to go back and try to see what we could have affected by our actions in the first place.
Good luck, CZ
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