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All my fuel lines are 3/16" Tygon -- it will go on, I promise, and it will stay on without clamps. It is actually pretty hard to even pull off once it's on, I have just cut it the past few times I've re-plumbed because it was next to impossible to pull off once it is in place. But, by all means, use a clamp or zip tie if it doesn't seem to be as tight on yours, just make sure it doesn't dig or cut into the soft line.

As for putting them on, I usually wet the end of the line a little (by which I mean I spit on it) before slipping it on. It takes some time, but it does work. It took about 15 minutes to re-plumb both petcocks on my bike (no octy, though).

LOVE the Tygon, by the way, well worth the minimal time and effort. Looks cool, and is everything-resistant. Very tough. I also carry about 3 feet of the stuff rolled up in my tool kit just in case. Bought a 25' length on Amazon for $1/ft six months ago, although prices look like they have gone up since.
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Well, goodness. Look what we've got here.

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